Full-service centrifuge repair services

At Vision Machine, we are dedicated to ensuring that your horizontal decanter centrifuges are running as efficiently as possible. Centrifuges can have problems from long-time wear, accidents, and manufacturing errors, and we can handle any problems that come your way. Our team offers both exceptional routine maintenance services and centrifuge repair with a focus on data, diligent training, and engineering expertise.

We have in-house lathe capabilities of 65” by 20’ and a balancing capacity of up to 15,000 pounds which means that we have the ability to handle centrifuge repair of virtually any size of centrifuge systems.

Our centrifuge repair services are thorough, fast, and experienced. From our service engineers to our in-house welding and fabrication personnel, every step of our operation brings years of experience in centrifuge repair. Our centrifuge repair facilities can take on repair projects big or small, whether it came from our shop or elsewhere. Vision Machine Inc. can even assist with the upgrading and redesign of used equipment. Vision Machine Inc. will do everything possible to make sure your operation is up and running again while maintaining a high level of precision, quality, and service.

Our sales team can assist you with providing low cost and effective solutions, from upgrading and redesign of used equipment to the repairing of basic bearings, seals, and balancing. Vision Machine can also re-manufacture centrifuges with new skids, case, bowls, etc.

No matter what your specific needs may be, we have the precise solutions to keep your centrifuge performing to the highest standards.

Our sales team can help tailor a solution to meet your requirements, from the upgrade and modernization of used equipment to the basic bearings, seals, and balancing overhaul.

Vision Machine, Inc. can also fully re-manufacture centrifuges to like new condition.

Services are performed at our world-class facilities located proudly in Spring, Texas.

Centrifuge repair services

Thorough and experienced centrifuge repair services

Our sales team can assist you with providing a cost effective solution on repairs.

From our in-house machinist, welding and fabrication personnel to our trained mechanics, every aspect of our operation brings years of experience in centrifuge repair.

Vision Machine Inc. will do everything possible to make sure your operation is up and running again while maintaining a high level of precision, quality, and service

  • Re-manufacture centrifuges with new skids, cases, bowls, etc.
  • Innovative solutions for recurring problem areas
  • Offer complete upgrading and redesign of used equipment
  • Repair all makes and models of horizontal decanter centrifuges



Our Centrifuge Repair Process

Our decanter centrifuge repair services are dedicated to a smooth process that ensures your machine downtime is reduced and your centrifuge is returned in excellent working condition.

  • Complete Disassembly: Each piece is carefully removed and cleaned.
  • Inspection: Once each piece is cleaned, we carefully inspect them to find potential areas of issue. All findings are documented and cross-checked to ensure that nothing is missed. Centrifuges can face a variety of problems, so it’s important to check every piece.
  • Pictures: As part of the inspection process, photographs are taken of each part of the equipment, so that we can include a full assessment with our work report.
  • Work Scope and Quote: We then create a work scope report which will give you a comprehensive assessment of the time that our repairs of the device will take. We also will give you a quote for the potential cost of the repairs. We want our customers to be fully informed about the process that is about to be undertaken. If you have questions, this is a great time to ask them.
  • Repairs: Any needed repairs will be undertaken on the equipment. This may include welding, manual engine lathing, refitting of wear parts, conveyor re-blading, assembly, and more. We can also undertake installing upgrades at this stage, if you have asked for them.
  • Balance Report: As the bowl of the centrifuge is used, it slowly wears down. This wearing can cause balance problems, so balancing is an essential aspect of maintaining an efficient and working centrifuge. So at this stage, we will check the balancing on your centrifuge and check to see if it needs to be re-balanced.
  • Test Run Report and Test Run Video: You will receive both a written and a visual report of how a test run of your centrifuge went.
  • Completion Pictures: We will then photograph all completed centrifuge repair that has been done.


Centrifuge Parts

We have an onsite machine shop and decanter centrifuge repair engineers that are capable of ordering, repairing, and manufacturing replacement centrifuge parts for all makes and models of horizontal decanter centrifuges. This ensures that we rarely need to wait on rare or original equipment manufacturer parts while making repairs, ensuring as minimal of a halt for your operation as possible.

Maintaining Your Centrifuge

Sometimes major decanter centrifuge repair is not needed, but routine maintenance is still an important aspect of maintaining your centrifuge operations. If you are noticing issues with any aspect of the device, our team of expert consultants are happy to troubleshoot them with you. Additionally, we can offer tips on maintaining your centrifuges to keep them in optimal running condition.

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To schedule routine maintenance, have our team troubleshoot your equipment’s problem, learn more about our centrifuge repair services, or ask questions, please contact us. You can get in touch by calling 832-562-2112, emailing sales@visionmachine.com, or filling out our secure form.

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