Centrifuge Services

Vision Machine Inc. manufactures some of the most durable and versatile centrifuges in the industry.¬†From oil fields to waste water treatment plants, our centrifuges are used in a variety of separation systems. We offer centrifuge manufacturing, centrifuge re-manufacturing, repair, horizontal decanter centrifuge repair, and centrifuge replacement parts from leading manufacturers. Whatever centrifuge service you’re looking for Vision Machine Inc. has you covered.

Centrifuge manufacturing services

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From systems that remove high value solids from liquids, refining processes, or waste minimization, Vision Machine Inc. has a separation system to meet your needs.

Our centrifuges are versatile and come in a range of sizes and can adjust to many types of processes and materials, our centrifuges are easy to operate and require minimal resources. Providing an effective, low maintenance separation system solution.

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Centrifuge repair services


Vision Machine Inc. has an onsite machine shop and centrifuge repair engineers that are capable of locating, repairing, and manufacturing parts for all makes and models of horizontal decanter centrifuges. Shown above is a completely re-manufactured Brandt HS3400 with our patent pending Vision Machine modified conical upgrade.

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Centrifuge parts

We stock a variety of consumables and wear parts from various manufacturers including, but notlimited to, bearings, seals, plows, discharge inserts, gearbox components, etc.

We also re-manufacture parts from customer provided samples.



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