Vision Machine epitomizes everything we desire in a critical service supplier. They go beyond just meeting the exacting requirements necessary to attain our performance standards, but they collaborate with our team, utilizing their extensive knowledge of high-speed decanter centrifuges, to enhance both the reliability and performance of our equipment. Vision always achieves the tight deadlines we place on them and when our equipment leaves their facility, we are confident it can be placed directly in service.

Bill Rouse President - WTR Management

Partnering with Vision Machine to bring centrifuge technology to the AG industry provides our customers with a proven solution that delivers a high level of service and reliability. With longer-wearing machines and a commitment to our customer’s needs, Vision Machine has consistently exceeded our goals for demanding manure management applications. The team at Vision has been great to work with and Vision Machinescentrifuge has been an invaluable asset to our product line at Daritech Inc.

Ryan DeWaard President - WTR Management

We highly recommend Vision Machine Inc. to anyone needing centrifuge repair. They’ve worked with us on repairing a variety of our centrifuges. They have always been fast, efficient, and professional.

Michael Houston, Texas