Vision Machine Inc. specializes in the production and repair of horizontal decanter centrifuges and has been doing so since 2004. Our centrifuges are versatile and come in a range of sizes: Type 1 (18x50 machine), Type 2 (14x48 machine), Type 3 (16-1/2x55 machine), and can adjust to many types of processes and materials. Our centrifuges are easy to operate and require minimal resources. Providing an effective, low maintenance separation system solution. Our sales team can help in providing low cost and effective solutions, from the upgrade and redesign of used equipment to the repairing of basic bearings, seals, and balancing. Vision Machine Inc. can also fully re-manufacture centrifuges to brand new condition.

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Centrifuge Repair

Our centrifuge repair services are thorough, fast, and experienced. Every step of our operation brings years of experience in centrifuge repair.

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Centrifuge Parts

We stock a variety of consumables and wear parts from various manufacturers including, but not limited to, bearings, seals, gearbox components, and more.

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