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Oil and Gas

Vision's centrifuges are used in the Oil and Gas industry in solids control applications to reclaim drilling mud from cuttings and remove low gravity solids.

Drilling fluid is fed into one end and the separated solids are moved up the bowl by a rotating scroll to exit at the other end. Centrifuges are useful for processing weighted drilling fluids and can remove finer solids than can a hydrocyclone or shaker screens.

They can also be used for water clarification or for processing oily cuttings.

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Refining / Petrochemical

Decanters are widely used to separate solids from liquids, whether reclaiming oil from tank bottoms or separating high-value solids from slurry streams. 

Refining and petrochemical industries include synthetic fuels, biodiesel, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, algae biomass dewatering; fuel and lube oil purification, etc.

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Decanter centrifuges are used to reduce fresh water usage in manure systems as well as remediate storage lagoons.

With the primary purpose of separating liquids from solids on a continuous basis, Vision's units can be used in multiple agriculture applications. In the dairy industry, centrifuges are capable of extracting phosphorus from dairy manure.

By using high speeds to create centrifugal force, centrifuges separate solids from liquids, extracting phosphorus from dairy manure into a solid product.

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Sludge dewatering, bio solids management, and municipal water clean up are common applications for Vision decanters.

Clean water is an increasingly valuable raw material, which is why the importance of municipal wastewater treatment continues to grow. In order to keep soil and water clean, sludges resulting from drinking water and wastewater treatment must be separated as efficiently as possible.

For the dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge, industrial centrifuges are now considered the state of the art. 

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Rendering is a process that converts waste animal tissue into stable, value-added materials. Vision Machine offers a full line of rendering centrifuges capable of processing small to high volumes of waste material. Systems are high-performing centrifuges able to maintain a consistent G-force and flow rate (gpm). 

Commonly found in applications where separating animal bi-products from plant wash water, Vision centrifuges are an effective solution.

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Food & Beverage

Vision Machine offers food processing centrifuges that can be used for a wide variety of functions performed in the food industry. 

For example: Centrifugation is typically used in the dairy industry in the clarification of milk, the skimming of milk and whey, the concentration of cream, in the production and the recovery of casein, in the cheese industry, and is lactose and whey protein processing, etc.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Centrifuges are commonly used during horizontal directional drilling processes in separating mud to assist in controlling mud weight, increase ROP, and reduce downhole pressures and the risks of frac-outs.

The use of centrifuges allows operators to avoid hauling spoiled drilling fluids one to two and a half hours round trip for disposal with two vac trucks running all day, every day.

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