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Maximize Your Up-Time with Vision Machine, Your Centrifuge Parts Supplier 

Our sales team can assist you with providing a cost-effective solution on parts.

We stock a variety of consumables and wear parts from various manufacturers including, but not limited to, bearings, seals, plows, discharge inserts, gearbox components, etc.

  In house machine shop and centrifuge repair technicians capable of repairing and manufacturing parts for all makes and models of horizontal decanter centrifuges.

  We ship centrifuge parts and gearbox components throughout North America!

  We offer precise and accurate machined parts with our multiple CNC machines.

We carry components that are compatible with the following competitors:

  • Sharples
  • Alfa Laval
  • Brandt/NOV
  • Derrick
  • Kemtron
  • Kubco
  • Bird
  • Flottweg
  • Westfalia
  • KHD/Humbolt
  • Broadbent
  • Centrisys
  • Hutch Hayes

Machining Capabilities

We offer precise and accurate machined parts which are crucial components in all industries.

We have taken it upon ourselves to design and machine these parts to ensure they are to spec.

CNC Machining Centrifuge



Using the latest CNC Machines, our machinists produce highly accurate parts and products in a timely manner.



We offer high-precision tolerances depending on customer specs.



Featuring our one-of a-kind adjustable dam plates.

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