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Separation systems to meet your needs

From centrifuges that remove high-value solids from liquids, refining processes, or waste minimization, Vison Machine Inc. has a separation system to meet your needs.

Vision centrifuges are versatile, robust, and come in a range of sizes that can adjust to many types of processes and materials. Our machines are easy to operate and service with minimal resources. Utilizing patented technology, we provide an effective low-maintenance solution.  We also offer custom decanter centrifuge solutions.

Centrifuge Technology.
Separate smarter,
not harder.

Vision Machine Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and repair of horizontal decanter centrifuges and has been doing so since 2004.

We manufacture various sizes of decanter centrifuges, from 10” to 24” bowl diameters, and can adjust to virtually all types of processes and materials.

At Vision Machine, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest value, lowest total cost of ownership and easiest to operate separation systems available. All proudly made in America at our Spring, TX facility.

Our machines are designed by people who have repaired, serviced, operated and maintained centrifuges, both in the field and in the shop.

  High Speed

  Large Capacity

   All guards and case tops are hinged for ease of maintenance

  Patented solids discharge design is exclusive to Vision Machine Inc.

  Field replaceable carbide wear protection 

  Optional Vision View™ for remote  monitoring and troubleshooting 

Series 10

10" Unit

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Series 14

14" Unit

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Series 17 

16.5" Unit

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Series 20 

20" Unit

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Series 24 

24" Unit

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