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Access your centrifuge  remotely with Vision View ™

Vision View ™ allows you fully functioning remote access to your centrifuge and ancillary equipment.

Vision Machine's Vision View ™ allows you to monitor and troubleshoot remotely, via mobile access or computer.

Bowl, conveyor, and pump VFD status screens provide invaluable real-time information for on-demand viewing.

Continuous monitoring of electronics and machines coupled with predefined safe operating limits make the Vision View ™ Centrifuges safe, consistent and reliable.

Alarm notifications

In the event alarms or faults do occur a predetermined list of authorized users can be notified via email and/or text message. Vision View ™ also stores the event with a time and date stamp in the alarm history log.

Diagnostics and status

Vision View ™ continuously runs complete diagnostics, providing the operators with machine critical status information:

  Bearing temperatures

  Bowl RPM

  Conveyor torque

  Differential RPM

  Drive Power Output

  Flowmeter GPM

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