How a decanter centrifuge works

January 30th, 2016 Written by Comments Off on How a decanter centrifuge works

In order to fully understand how a decanter centrifuge operates, we must first define what a centrifuge does. In many industrial jobs, solid material often mixes with liquids, contaminating water supplies or turning mud into sludge. A decanter centrifuge is useful in that it separates solids and liquids, and has become an essential component of […]

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Purchasing used centrifuge equipment

January 30th, 2016 Written by Comments Off on Purchasing used centrifuge equipment

In many industries, centrifuge equipment is utilized to separate denser elements from a mixture. Generally, this means removing a solid material from a liquid, yet it can also be used to demarcate liquids from each other. As the name implies, a centrifuge relies on centrifugal force. The faster it rotates, the more this force works […]

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Decanter centrifuges: A guide

January 30th, 2016 Written by Comments Off on Decanter centrifuges: A guide

A decanter centrifuge is an excellent tool for separating liquid and solid mixtures. Industrial work and water processing plants are often tasked with purifying substances with variable amounts of solid material, and a decanter centrifuge is engineered to remove any and all contaminates from sewage and effluent sludge. Centrifuges are also capable of separating disparate […]

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